Almost Done with Accutane!

I’m so happy to say that I am almost all the way done with Accutane. I stopped taking the pills November 28th, so technically, the drug is still hanging around in my blood for about another week. I have my very last blood test tomorrow and I am SO excited that I’ll be done with the monthly poking and prodding. 
Toward the end of my last month of pills, I was definitely ready to go off of the medicine. I will admit that I started to feel depressed and would want to just cry for no reason. Although, I think it should be noted that I was on a seven month course of pills instead of the usual five or six months that most people do. 
I have a breakout on my forehead right now and a cystic spot on my chin that I’m not too pleased about. I think this may be because I haven’t stayed up with washing face at night and taking all my makeup off. Thankfully, I know I have a Clarisonic coming my way for Christmas and I am very excited to get to use it. I’ve heard good things about it, so hopefully it’ll do good things for my skin. 
If there’s anyone out there with questions, feel free to comment on a post and I will answer as quick as possible! 


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