My name is Sarah, I’m 22 and currently taking Accutane to clear my skin. Follow this blog for updates on my progress, weekly pictures to show how my skin is reacting to the medicine and to learn more about this powerful drug.


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  1. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to update this for over a year! It gives me hope knowing it takes a while for Accutane to actually begin working on your back. I have acne on my back just like you had, and I’ve finally been put on Accutane. This is my 3rd week so I wasn’t expecting much. My face is very clear, but extremely dry. My back seems to be doing a bit better, but I think thats just my want for it to be better haha. Anyways, I hope you’re happy with your results! This blog was helpful for me and I thank you.

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